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The Postcard Agency is made up of skilled and creative professionals from various backgrounds. Collectively, we draw upon our former career experiences across industries to advise and strengthen our clients’ marketing and public relations initiatives. Discover what our marketing and public relations team can offer you. 

A Diverse Marketing Agency

A marketing agency is only as strong as its people.

Our team members come from all walks of life. Some graduated from top universities and landed their dream marketing job immediately after graduating. Others worked in retail before locating the perfect internship. A blend of professionals with in-house and agency experience, coupled with varied industry knowledge, makes for a dynamic force.

With our extensive industry knowledge, we help clients target audiences in arenas we know inside and out. Perhaps a furniture retailer is targeting hoteliers. Maybe a technology startup just developed a new platform for real estate agents to connect with prospects. In these cross-industry scenarios, we always come out on top.

While our personal career experiences come in handy every day, we also keep up with industry news. It’s important to understand the state of the industries our clients are in so we can make smart and informed strategies. Above all, developing marketing strategies keeping current events and trends in mind establishes our clients’ thought leadership. It also helps our clients leave competitors in the dust.

Most importantly, we get to know our clients as much as possible to make marketing magic. Thanks to our natural curiosity, we dig into what makes their products, services and businesses special. We then translate their unique values in ways their target audiences understand, regardless of industry. 

Proven Experience

We've worked with the following brands throughout our marketing careers.
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Reach Out for a Free consultation

find out how we can amplify your brand