Multi-Channel Marketing Case Study

Enhancing Brand Affinity & Thought Leadership

Soraa revolutionized the lighting industry with its full spectrum LED lamps and luminaires. Designed with proprietary Nobel Prize-winning technology, Soraa products render all colors and shades of white more accurately than any other light source in some of the world’s most renowned spaces. While the company offers industry-leading products and technologies, it needed help strengthening its brand affinity and thought leadership across marketing channels.

W. BRADFORD, a full-service marketing agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio, tapped The Postcard Agency to support marketing efforts for Soraa, its client. With our collaborative approach, we aided W. BRADFORD in producing award-winning work to help Soraa build brand affinity and achieve unforeseen digital and content marketing success.

Together with W. BRADFORD, The Postcard Agency conveyed the beauty and capabilities of Soraa’s products across key sectors, including museum, hospitality, restaurant, retail and residential environments. Through creative content marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing strategies, our team helped demonstrate the brand’s thought leadership, nurture a community of product advocates and boost brand affinity among new and existing customers.

Learn how we helped Soraa enhance brand affinity and grow a loyal, engaged audience across marketing channels

Client Objectives

  • Establish an active blog presence featuring informational, engaging content
  • Build a loyal audience around the Soraa brand through educational and inspirational blog posts
  • Introduce and explain product technology to target audiences and business decision makers across blog, social media and email marketing channels
  • Develop sales collateral communicating new technologies and product lines
  • Design marketing strategies for product launches
  • Secure new followers across social media channels while boosting engagement

Marketing Successes

  • Supported W. BRADFORD in growing and cultivating a loyal audience and developing brand affinity with weekly blog posts. How to articles, Q&As, influencer interviews and customer case studies exhibited the benefits of Soraa products across museum, hospitality, restaurant, retail and residential spaces, in addition to highlighting the brand’s mission and value propositions.
  • Explained current and new product technology and benefits in an accessible manner through creative, business-driven marketing campaigns, such as W. BRADFORD’s Marcom Award-winning TM-30 campaign.
  • Inspired business decision makers to illuminate their spaces with Soraa LED lamps and luminaires. Sales collateral, social media and email copy featured brand stories, product and technology descriptions, installation ideas, use-case scenarios and case studies across target industries.
  • Built a community of brand advocates with creative organic and paid social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Influencer campaigns aligned the Soraa brand with leaders in target industries, such as artist Janet Echelman.
  • Broke dozens of social media marketing records, including the number of likes, comments, link clicks and followers gained after a few months of launching our social media strategy.

Inspiring Audiences on Instagram & Beyond

The TM-30 Campaign

  • The TM-30 campaign illustrated Soraa’s ability to perfectly render all colors in critical spaces, such as fashion boutiques and art galleries, with full spectrum light. The cross-channel campaign developed by W. BRADFORD and supported by The Postcard Agency included social media, web, print and digital sales collateral, video, blog and influencer marketing. 
  • Writing informative yet engaging landing page and sales collateral copy explained the importance of accurate color rendering to enhance experiences in museum, hotel, retail, restaurant and residential spaces. The copy also showcased Soraa’s ability to render all colors and shades of white more accurately than any other LED lamp, reinforcing its status as a leader in the lighting industry.
  • Conducting keyword research and applying search engine optimization best practices boosted organic search traffic to the TM-30 technology page.
  • Executing a month-long social media campaign imparted Soraa’s unique approach to color rendering with current and aspirational audiences.
  • Eye-catching social media posts featuring smart copy and graphics designed by W. BRADFORD educated social media audiences about the TM-30 method and Soraa’s color rendering capabilities in a fresh, vibrant manner.

Marketing Success & Brand Affinity Building By The Numbers

Soraa experienced the following growth as a result of our cross-platform marketing services:
increase in organic Instagram engagements after 3 months
increase in organic Facebook and LinkedIn engagements after 3 months
increase in pages per session via Twitter referrals after 3 months
increase in monthly blog post page views after 6 months
increase in unique pageviews year-over-year
increase in average session length on blog post pages after 6 months
increase in Instagram followers after 6 months of organic and paid social media strategy
increase in web users via social media referrals after 3 months

A Collaborative Approach

W. BRADFORD is an award-winning digital marketing and branding agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Through provocative creative, strategic and interactive capabilities, the agency serves an international roster of clients across diverse industries and at all stages of business growth – from startup to established enterprise.

The Postcard Agency builds relationships with fellow marketing agencies and professionals to develop groundbreaking work. We tap our collaborative spirit to provide our clients—and their clients—with the best services possible. 

NOTE: W. BRADFORD designed all graphics featured on this page. 

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