Email & Social Media Marketing Case Study

Serving Miami Beach Pride

Miami Beach Pride produces one of the largest festivals in the City of Miami Beach, which is attended by more than 150,000 people each year. The nonprofit organization tapped The Postcard Agency to reach and engage more local, national and international audiences, encourage tourism, enhance brand awareness, boost event attendance and secure and showcase sponsors.

The Postcard Agency wielded its expertise, creative flair and passion to support the LGBT organization’s mission and legacy while achieving essential marketing goals. Through our efforts, the Miami Beach-based organization saw astronomical monthly and year-over-year growth across all social media and email marketing channels. Continue reading our email and social media marketing campaign case study to learn about our unique approach.

Discover how we helped Miami Beach Pride strengthen its community ties

Social Media Marketing Campaign Case Study

  • The Postcard Agency developed and shared hundreds of social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to generate excitement around the organization’s annual events
  • Maintaining an active social media presence across all channels, sharing user-generated content and engaging with followers led to a record-breaking marketing program (in terms of total impressions and engagements)
  • Collaborating with celebrities, government officials, sponsors and media outlets further amplified the organization’s reach and influence
  • A strategic paid social media plan across Facebook and Instagram with English and Spanish-language posts raised the organization’s profile in key markets

Inspiring Audiences on Instagram & Beyond

Email Marketing Case Study

  • The Postcard Agency developed and distributed dozens of emails to the nonprofit organization’s newsletter subscribers ahead of and during its festival
  • Testing and refining subject lines and email copy led to an increase in email open rates
  • Enhancing the client’s email template design with clickable headers, content sections, buttons and graphics contributed an increase in click rates
  • A newsletter sign up contest across social media channels secured several new email subscribers ahead of the festival


Marketing Success By The Numbers

Miami Beach Pride experienced the following growth as a result of our marketing services:
increase in Instagram likes after 3 months
increase in Facebook comments year-over-year
increase in Twitter likes year-over-year
increase in email opens after 3 months
increase in web users via social media referrals after 3 months
increase in Twitter replies year-over-year
increase in Facebook link clicks year-over-year
increase in Instagram comments after 3 months

Services Provided

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we can help your brand engage audiences effectively and authentically

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we can help your brand engage audiences effectively and authentically