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What keywords are your target audiences using to find businesses like yours online? Do search engines rank your website on the first page of results, thus generating more website entrances? With our SEO (search engine optimization) and website content writing services, you can increase organic traffic to your website and attract quality visitors who want to learn more about you and your business.

The Postcard Agency’s SEO and website content writing services are designed to help your target audience find your business more easily, advise content marketing plans and inspire user-friendly experiences.

Learn about our approach to boosting organic traffic and generating new leads with effective SEO strategies and website content writing.

Website Audit

Once we learn more about your business, target audience and marketing goals, we audit your website to identify areas requiring immediate attention. Your website might be missing keywords in essential places, such as titles, meta descriptions and image tags. We walk you through website audit findings so you understand your website’s current state, and how we plan to enhance it with an effective SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

During this phase, we identify high-volume keywords we should use to optimize your website content and secure more organic traffic. Keeping keyword competitiveness and target audience search behaviors in mind advises the keywords we select for each page on your website. In addition, we evaluate your competitor’s keywords so you maintain a competitive edge.

Writing SEO-Friendly Website Content

Keeping website audit and keyword research findings in mind, we develop SEO-friendly website and blog post copy you, your audiences and search engines will love. Preserving your brand voice on each page and post keeps audiences engaged while they learn more about your business, products and services. After a few weeks, your website and blog posts should begin ranking higher in search results.

Performance Analysis

Keeping a close eye on your newly optimized pages gives us the insights we need to achieve continued success. We analyze your website metrics to understand what people are searching to land on your website, and what keeps them on your website for as long as possible. Our Google Analytics-trained content marketing team studies content performance to produce more content your audiences and search engines crave. 

Our SEO Strategy Results

increase in session length after 3 months of SEO strategy
increase in average time on blog pages year-over-year
increase in monthly unique viewers after 3 months of SEO strategy
increase in quality leads after 3 months of web design and SEO strategy
increase in unique pageviews year-over-year
increase in total sessions after 3 months of SEO strategy

SEO Client Case Study

A men’s health and wellness club hired The Postcard Agency to:

  • Strengthen local search rankings
  • Introduce the brand to men in the Atlanta market
  • Generate leads for in-person health and wellness consultations

View our SEO case study to learn how we helped our client reach the top spot of Google search results for designated keywords and surpass competitors’ search rankings for long-tail keywords.

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revamp your digital presence with SEO

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revamp your digital presence with SEO