How To: Women’s History Month Social Media Campaign

March is Women’s History Month, and we wanted to feature a professional services firm’s female movers and shakers with a Women’s History Month social media campaign. The accounting industry is still taking steps toward gender equality (women represent only 22% of partners in CPA firms), so this was an ideal opportunity to show how women at our firm continue defying the odds.

Nonetheless, a voice in the back of our minds said, “Tread carefully…it’s tax season and everyone will be too busy to participate.”

Yes, planning and executing a Women’s History Month social media campaign during tax season sounded daunting. How could we possibly take precious time away from professionals during the busiest time of the year? With a little elbow grease and persistence, though, we made it happen.

We identified five women at the professional services firm who lead, mentor and inspire us. We then asked them to answer three questions:

  • What advice would you give to women in your field?
  • How are you breaking barriers faced by women in your field?
  • Tell us about a woman you look up to and why.

We took their answers and created social media quote graphics to accompany weekly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts. These five posts linked to each professional’s bio page so social media audiences could learn more about their services, industry expertise, accomplishments and community projects.

empower women's history month social media campaign

As a result, these five Women’s History Month social media campaign posts contributed 42% of all social media clicks in March.

What’s more? March 2018 was a record-breaking month in terms of generating web traffic via social media referrals. We saw the highest-ever website visits via social media referrals in the professional services firm’s history, and the campaign’s 42% social media click contribution played a major role in this standout statistic.

Even though it was tax season, these five women made it a priority to share their stories and advice on shattering glass ceilings just in time for Women’s History Month. One of our featured professionals also discussed how she helped create the firm’s diversity initiative, inspiring us to craft a blog post about her story.

Thanks to our Women’s History Month social media campaign, the professional services firm’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter audiences learned more about these strong women and the firm’s initiative to empower women.

Here’s to honoring and empowering women during Women’s History Month and beyond.


Jonathan Ochart is CEO of The Postcard Agency, a creative content and social media marketing agency based in Miami, Florida. He blends his love of writing and data analytics to write powerful blog posts your audience (and search engines) will love.